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Roman Alexander Wellington is CEO, Founder, and Co-Founder of Several Corporations in The United States.

Over 15+ Years Of Corporate Experience


Less Than 5% Of Applicants Looking to Work With Mr. Wellington Are Accepted.


Mr. Wellington Has Lead, Managed, or Consulted On Thousands of Projects

Reviews From Executive Clients:

"Roman Alexander is a person who is bright and intelligent beyond his years. I have known him for over 6 of the 15 years I've spent in the Scottsdale business world. His insight, knowledge, and general friendliness and honesty, are something I admire in people ... and it is rare to find these days." - Tomas S, CEO

"Mr. Wellington and his team were hands down the best planning, development, and implementation team I've ever worked with. Detailed, precise, and extremely helpful in developing a plan that could be implemented in a successful and profitable manner. Everyone I worked with was highly professional and extremely timely and focused delivering agreed upon project benchmarks and deadlines.

I would not hesitate to work with Mr. Alexander and his team on future projects. I highly recommend anyone who wants to plan, implement and run a successful project working with Mr. Wellington and his company in the future." - Todd Witherspoon, President - Top1 Med Consulting

"I had the pleasure with working on a few projects with Roman Alexander and all I can say is WOW. The level of marketing expertise, professionalism, and strategies helped my website reach new heights. Not only can Roman Alexander help you gain more customers online but he will also make recommendations on how to better structure your services and offers. I highly recommend hiring him for any online marketing related task. You are in good hands." - Angel C., CEO

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Wellington Industries - Founder & CEO

Roman Alexander Wellington is the Founder & CEO of Wellington Industries, which is Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona USA.

Wellington Industries serves as the umbrella corporation for many of Mr. Wellington's company's and brands.


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WellingtonPress - Founder and CEO

Mr. Wellington is also the Founder and CEO of Wellington Press. Wellington Press represents the Physical Media Publishing arm of Mr. Wellington's corporate portfolio. 

Currently Wellington Press has dozens of Titles in the global retail marketplace with over 200+ more Titles set for release by the end of 2020. Logo - Founder and CEO is the first company founded by Roman Alexander Wellington when he was only 16 years old. has become an award winning Digital Marketing and Public relations firm, and is still going strong nearly a decade after is founding.

Due to demand for Mr. Wellington's services, is a private, by invitation only, firm. Clients may apply to work with Mr. Wellington and the team here:

*Please note that less than 5% of all applicants will be accepted as a client.

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An Innovative Industry Leader, Highly Sought After Corporate and Brand Strategist, and Entrepreneur

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